Digital Game Board Features

Using the Digital Game Board


The DGB is best used as a second screen that connects to your laptop or tablet.

Simply drag anything you want to show your players from your laptop to the DGB screen and voila!

Or take it a step further and use VTT programs like Roll20, Foundry or Fantasy Grounds to add immersive Fog of War to your Battlemaps!

Got questions about our products or how to use them? Feel free to shoot our Kobolds a message 😇



The TV inside is protected by 2mm thick plexiglass and a sturdy wooden frame

Connection & Power Supply

The TV inside our DGB is easily used by connecting through HDMI or directly through Wi-Fi.

We provide every DGB with a power plug relevant to the costumer's country 😄


Our DGB can easily be transported to gaming session in other houses, just lift it up with the build in handle and put it down on whichever table you're playing at!

Room for Cables

4 steady feet keep the DGB up so there's enough room  for cables.

Your choice of Wood

Choose between 3 wonderfully different kinds of wood, all equally beautiful.

Want one too?

DGB Addon:

Charging Station

Add the Charging Station Addon to get 4 charging ports for all your players. Keep their digital character sheet alive and well 😁

Digital Game Board Addons

Get more out of you purchase with these optional Addons!