Build Your Own
Digital Game Board

Build your ultimate Digital Game Board to assist you in being the DM of your players dreams!

Wood Base

Choose one of these high quality wood bases to your Digital Game Board to start of your adventure of making your own personal Digital Game Board!

Digital Game Board Black Walnut Oak Cherry Wood
DGB BW CS Charging Example Less 10MB.png

Charging Ports

Add this feature to include 4 USB charging ports in your Digital Game Board so your players' Character Sheet say alive throughout the long fights and adventures!

€ 99,-

4 Dice Trays

Take this opportunity to add 4 Dice Trays to surprise your party and give them the smooth rolls to survive your adventure 🎲


Choose from 25 different kinds of leather

Make all Dice Trays the same colour or personalize them all differently!

€ 99,-

Leer Kleuren Raster Yuan-Ti (Red Text).png

A Dragon's Hoard

Add 200 Golden Metal Coins to give to your players during their adventures through your campaign.

Or, of course, hoard it for yourself and show it off to your players during a dragon fight to bring out the greed in their eyes 🐲

Add to DGB

€ 99,-

Other Ideas or questions?

Click here to discuss any other ideas you might have, the Kobolds are sure we can work something out!

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