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Kobold With Treasure Chest


Living in the Netherlands, Groningen, we're two friends who like Dungeons and Dragons and making TTRPG related products.


At the end of 2018 we found an old flatscreen television and built the prototype of our digital game board. Since then we've sold our products all over the world and are learning every day how to manage a growing business. 

Visit CraftyKobolds once in a while to see what's new, for we have many plans for the future!

Meet The Kobolds

Kobold Ed

A industrial product designer that likes designing streamlined products and working processes.


A D&D enthusiast at heart and responsible for everything around sales, customer contact and the website.

Kobold With Map
Kobold Koen
Kobold Koen Dungeon Master
Kobold Carrying a Plank
Kobold Ed
Meet The Kobolds
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