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Burnished Blue Dice

Burnished Blue Dice


"Experience the thrill of your next tabletop adventure with our Kobold Metal Dice in a mesmerizing Burnished Blue finish.


Each dice in this 7-piece set is presented in a Burnished Blue that recalls the mysterious allure of kobold caves, this Metal Dice Set makes for a splendid gift, ensuring that every roll carries weight, meaning, and a touch of magic."

    • Weight: 110gram
    • Size: 16mm
    • 7 Dice Set Includes: 

      • 1-D4   - (19mm)
      • 1-D6   - (16mm)
      • 1-D8   - (16mm)
      • 1-D10 - (16mm)
      • 1-D%  - (16mm)
      • 1-D12 - (18mm)
      • 1-D20 - (20mm)
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