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DM Gift Package

DM Gift Package


This DM Gift Package Includes:
- 1 Dice Tray with Real Nappa Leather
- 1 Metal Dice Set
- 1 Dragon Egg Candle
- 15 Kobold Metal Coins (5 Gold/ 5 Silver/ 5 Copper)
- 3 Velt Dice/Coin Bag


Delight your Dungeon Master with our Ultimate DM Gift Package, meticulously curated with key elements that make every RPG session unforgettable. This bundle brings together some of our finest tabletop gaming accessories, promising hours of immersive gaming and memorable moments.


First, we have our finely crafted Dice Tray, an indispensable tool for any tabletop enthusiast. Designed to keep dice rolls contained and organized, this tray ensures that every throw remains part of the narrative, not an interruptive clatter.


To enrich your campaign's world, we've included a collection of Metal Coins. These coins have a satisfying weight and intricate designs that make every transaction feel real and immersive.


Of course, what would a DM Gift Package be without a set of Metal Dice? Aesthetically pleasing and weighted for a satisfying roll, this set of dice is an opulent upgrade to your gaming experience. Each face is clearly marked, ensuring the fate of your characters is always a fair roll away.


This Ultimate DM Gift Package is not just a gift, but an upgrade to your Dungeon Master's toolkit, perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other TTRPGs. Take a step further into your favorite realms and watch your campaigns come to life.

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