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The Kobold's Crown

The Kobold's Crown


This Kobold themed adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is meant to be played by 4 level 3 players in one single night! :)


While it is not unusual to hear the constant chattering of the many kobolds intertwined with the sounds of tinkering and smithing, something new seems to permeate the air completely. For every cling there’s a shriek and for every clang there’s a low growl. The normally constant crafting now often comes to a sudden stop as projects fail and dire wounds are suffered. The cause? A most vile theft of their prized possession! 


The Crown of Drasvylius, a gift for their draconic master, has been stolen by Kormak, the self-proclaimed goblin king. He has retreated to his fortified lair and the kobold have thus been forced to sacrifice some of their hoard to hire adventurers. These adventurers are their last hope to retrieve the crown and not incur the wrath of their draconic master, Drasvylius, the dreaded.

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